Introducing the Newest Member of our Team, All the Way from Italy!

Posted on Thu, Apr 07, 2016 by Lucy Roberts

Marco Colella, Ossila

Welcome to Ossila Marco Colella!

Last week we were lucky enough to welcome another new addition to our ever expanding team. Marco has joined us all the way from Pomezia, Italy (A city not far from Rome). Marco is joining the team as a PhD student, spilt between Ossila and Durham University. His work will be part of the Marie Curie Project Excilight which is being funded by the EU. The main focus of Marco’s research will be on lifetime and degradation of thermally activated delayed fluorescence based OLEDs.

Project Excilight

Marco has a Masters in Material Science and Technology from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, as part of which, he completed his MSc project here in the UK at Imperial College London.

Marco is also a very keen volleyball player, competing in both regional and national leagues in Italy, and hopes this will be something he can continue here in Sheffield!