Festive Fun for Xtralien: Merry IV curves from the X100!

Posted on Wed, Dec 23, 2015

Over the Christmas period the Xtralien X100 got involved in the festive fun and was used to test the decorative lights from our Christmas tree. Jack, our software engineer used the X100 to produce a current-voltage (IV) sweep of the Christmas LED lights.


The Xtralien X100 is versatile enough to directly drive the Christmas tree LEDs and of course does so at it's usual high precision and via network control (Jack ran the sweep completely wire free using his Macbook air over Wifi as shown in the video). Unsurprisingly, the IV curve is similar to that of a normal LED with a sharp turn-on at 2.5 volts and a maximum current of around 180 mA in total for the eight LEDs (around 22.5 mA each) at just over 3 volts.

Xtralien was designed as a general purpose instrument to perform a wide range of experiments used in electronic engineering, condensed matter physics, chemical engineering and biotechnology. If you need to run a DC or low frequency precision-measurement, the X100 is the measurement system of choice. The applications are endless, it can even test your Christmas lights ready for next year!

For more information on the Xtralien please visit the website.