Ossila Slot Die Coater - Launching Soon

Posted on 07 Sep 14:28

At Ossila we aim to provide the thin film electronics research community the tools it needs to stay ahead. With that in mind we are happy to unveil our Slot Die Coater, ready for pre-order now.


The Ossila Slot Die Coater


Scale up is a pressing issue for those who want to convert their research into industry. Larger substrate sizes and mass manufacture friendly coating methods can affect device performance compared to those on a small scale in a lab. The Slot Die Coater is designed to allow for an affordable way to investigate and deal with potential scale up issues.

With its roll-to-roll compatible coating method, the Slot Die Coater can be used for fabricating entirely solution processed devices, or allow for optimisation of formulations and deposition parameters without having to leave the lab. Priced at £3,995 scaling up has never been so affordable.

The Slot Die Coater is the centre piece of a new range of 75 mm x 25 mm ITO patterned substrates and compatible equipment. New evaporation masks and 5 different designs of ITO substrates can be used alongside the Slot Die Coater to create larger devices with all the benefits of using Ossila standardised substrates.

The Slot Die Coater will be launching early 2016. Visit the Slot Die Coater product page for more detail and to pre order. Please contact us with questions and suggestions, or what you would like to see out of the newest addition to our lab equipment range.