Marie Curie ITN on Exciplex OLEDs

Posted on Mon, Jun 22, 2015 by James Kingsley

Ossila is pleased to announce that as part of a consortium it has been awarded a Marie Curie ITN grant to study the lifetime of Exciplex OLEDs. The project will start in September 2015 and run for four years.

Ossila's role in the project will be to quantify the operational lifetime of exciplex based OLEDs relative to normal (EL/phosphorescent OLEDs) and to isolate any degradation mechanisms that are specific to exciplex based devices and investigate how these may be mitigated. The project also aims to produce leading edge metrics in operational lifetime using solution processed techniques (target 10,000 hours lifetime).

We will therefore be looking to recruit a high calibre PhD student to begin in March 2016. Full details to follow once paperwork and approval in place.