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Welcome to Ossila. We specialize in the supply of components and materials for rapid prototyping of thin film and organic electronics including:

  • Photovoltaics (PVs/ OPVs)
  • Organic & polymer light emitting diodes (OLEDs/PLEDs)
  • Organic and thin film field effect transistors (OFETs/FETs)
  • Perovskite-based solar cells


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We aim to offer the best possible support and advice for our products and therefore provide as much information as we can to make them easy to use.

As an example, click below to see our fabrication video detailing how to produce PVs and LEDs from our substrate systems. The same components and techniques can be used to produce a range of organic and thin film devices, including perovskite-based solar cells.

OPV and OLED Fabrication Video

Ossila was founded to provide the equipment, consumables and services to accelerate organic and thin film research.

Whether you're looking for polymers for organic photovoltaics, patterned substrates for thin film LEDs, inks for perovskite solar cells or shadow masks for thin film FETs, we provide a complete package to enable your research. Our range of specialist materials, including PCBM, PCDTBT, PEDOT:PSS, are sourced from world leading manufacturers or produced in house to the highest quality.

We also offer high quality test and measurement equipment to enable rapid and efficient testing of your thin film devices. Our range includes affordable plug-and-play test boards, fully integrated FET testing systems and software, and even equipment for processing thin film devices such as our vacuum-free spin coater. If you have a glovebox and evaporator then Ossila becomes a one-stop shop to produce and test efficient thin film electronics.

Ossila can also help to speed up discovery by providing a full design, processing, fabrication and testing service for new organic and inorganic materials, all in complete confidence, which can help you to accelerate your materials development programme. We also offer training workshops for PV/LED or FET fabrication to help you improve your knowledge or refresh your skills.

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Ossila News

New Perovskite Precursor Ink with 11.7% Efficiency

Our new MAI:PbCl2 Perovskite Precursor Ink is available to buy with a full fabrication guide, and has already demonstrated up to 11.7% efficiency in our lab.

New Perovskites Department

We've compiled materials, substrate systems and equipment suitable for the rapid fabrication and measurement of perovskite-based solar cells.

High Purity Lead Chloride Now In Stock

99.999% purity lead chloride suitable for use in perovskite solar cells.

PEDOT:PSS HTL Solar Now In Stock

Heraeus Clevios™ HTL Solar is specially formulated to improve wetting of substrates for spin coating. Available to order now.

Spin Coater Works With Flexible Substrates & Silicon Fragments

We have been spinning flexible substrates, silicon fragments and even Parafilm on our Spin Coater with excellent results; watch the videos now.

Solar Farm Lifetime System

As part of Sheffield Solar Project we have developed an extended Lifetime Testing System to move PV testing from the laboratory to in-field application.